Corporate Values

The Stobbe Group values


Well - looking back - most of my life can be expressed through these lines.

  • Industrial collaboration - understand partnership and collaboration
  • International perspective - don’t be national limited – look global and see the needs
  • Liberal and humanistic approach - quality of life is by far the most important for all of us
  • Responcibility - require heavy involvement in Research & Development of innovative technologies
  • Innovative - creating the most technologically advanced, high-performance products

For my part, I have developed myself into a mix of: leadership, entrepreneur ship, commitment to the highly relevant dream, dare to take enormous financial risks, high level of inventiveness, ability to create satisfying jobs for a team of experienced and ingenuity engineers and technicians, humble enough and not afraid of listening and learn, recognize mistakes and learn from them, responsibility for people combined with the freedom of 100% ownership.

Stobbe Group is since 2010 committed to providing world-class up-stream bioreactors for proliferation and expression and unmatched performing Single-Use-Pumps to pharmaceutical companies, delivered with unparalleled customer service and support.

Stobbe Group is also a team of super experienced engineers, technicians who shared my dreams over many years.