Explain the CUBE

The CUBE guide us to practical solutions for the pharma industry


X - Application

  1. Protein Expression
  2. Cell Proliferation

Y - Process Mode

  1. Continuous cultivation
  2. Cell Retention Perfusion cultivation
  3. Batch or Fed-Batch cultivation

Z – Technology

  1. Reactor's
  2. Sensor's
  3. Pump's
  4. Process-Control

X - Application

  1. Protein expression = secretion of molecules such as proteins by micro-organism.
  2. Cell Proliferation = fast unlimited multiplication of identical micro-organism.

Y - Process mode within your interest

  1. Continuous Cultivation / Perfusion = steady state conditions with constant media flow exchange and constant harvest flow.
  2. Cell Retention / Perfusion = “protein expression” based on; 1. Sequential harvest of product from micro-organism, 2. Sequential removal of micro-organism, 3. Sequential media exchange.
  3. Batch and Fed-batch = 1. Batch operation to which no fresh media is added and no broth is removed, 2. Fed-batch to which fresh medium is added and no broth is removed before process termination.

Z - Technologies within our processing

  1. Reactor's = Stirred-Tank-Reactors, Fixed-Bed-Reactors, Scaffolding-Reactor, Cell-Retention-Reactor, Perfusion-Reactor, Fermenter, Bioreactor - preferably of Single-Use design.
  2. Sensor's = for on-line monitoring of process parameters as input to PCS - preferably of Single-Use design.
  3. Pump's = devices for conveying, moving, exchanging fluids or perform harvest by fluid controlling means - preferably of Single-Use design.
  4. Process-Control-System's (PCS) = digital computer power used for control of processes via sensor input and actuator output.