Explain the strategy

Stobbe Group strategy

Support all 5 daughter companies within Stobbe Group in any possible way. To perform research, development, manufacturing, sales, services and supply pharmaceutical industry end-users, contractors and Process-Control-System (PCS) manufactures. With unmatched and advanced process equipment for mAbs expression, stem cell proliferation and viral vectors, plasmid and mRNA products.

With a team of professionals, Stobbe Group maintains the mindset being a smaller business who remain nimble and responsive. But large enough to offer the scale and security pharma need to ensure any project is properly supported.

Think - Like the Customer - For the Customer - Stobbe Group is diligent about accurately and comprehensively defining project scope and understanding our customer’s needs. We understand that our continuing success is dependent on your success and we will do everything in our power to achieve that.

Our team focus on SPEED, RESPONSIVENESS, and RELIABILITY - SPEED is essential with little room for slippage allowable - RESPONSIVENESS and ability to customize products considered a benchmark in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries - RELIABILITY proven by growing considerably over the last 10 years – first-of-all by returning and satisfied end-users.

Stobbe Group is widely recognized for its leadership in the complete and consistent delivery of systems and documentation.

At Stobbe Group we are continuously looking at ways to improve our services and processes. Feedback from our internal audits, customer audits, and project reviews help us identifying opportunities for improvement. Put simple, it means ‘getting better all the time’.

Stobbe Group has one 100% share holder, no investors, no bank loans, no dept - and as to such we are simple to collaborate with. Since 2007 the investment in the portfolio became >30 mio Euro.