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Stobbe Group 

- is organized from the two Swiss companies Stobbe Pharma GmbH and sister Stobbe GmbH. Individual R&D and manufacturing performed at fully owned daughter companies, departments located in Denmark. Product development, manufacturing, sales & marketing is performed through these specialized 5 individual websites:

cercel.jpg pumpcell.jpg perfuse cell.jpg cronus pcs.jpg prolifecell.jpg
Configurable batch
Single-Use-Bioreactor's and Single-Use-Fermenter's.
Single-Use-Pump's, 0-3 bar, few mL/hour to 25 liter/min.
Semi-continuous Perfusion ­
Single-Use-Bioreactor for
expression of ­anti-bodies.
Process-Control-System components for PerfuseCell, PumpCell and ProlifeCell.
Continuous Perfusion
Single-Use-Bioreactor for expression and proliferation.

Stobbe Group strives to be the chosen supplier of highly advanced customized single-use process equipment, process controls and Drive Unit's. Allowing leading pharma companies to rely on us to provide quality services, support operations, and implement critical projects.

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